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'Olelo: The Corporation for Community Television will accept music submissions from the public for transmission on cable access channels, including Island Info bulletin boards, Program Info and Up Next/Up Later features, and on the 'Olelo's Music-on-Hold voice-mail system.

Submissions are not to be considered an extension of public access services, nor are submissions subject to the same privileges as video programming submitted for the access channels.

'Olelo reserves the right to screen submissions and may reject any material it deems inappropriate for transmission, based on content and style of submissions. Style guidelines are as follows:

Music style

(a) "Easy listening"

(b) Hawaiian

(c) Classical

(d) Ethnic

Lyric content

(a) Must not contain offensive words, intent or allusions.

'Olelo reserves the right to position such submissions at dates and times as it deems appropriate.

Submit the following to 'Olelo Programming staff:

1. Submit a completed Music Copyright Agreement

2. Submit music in one of the following formats:

a. Audio tape (Chrome II--not normal or metal), 90-minute maximum

b. Compact Disc

NOTE: Playback quality should not contain drop-outs or audio distortion, maintain good sound level, etc.

3. Submit a playlist of each tape or CD submitted, containing music title, total running time of each title, name of artist for each title. (See attached Playlist Form.)

Please send or drop off submissions to:

'Olelo, The Corporation for Community Television
960 Mapunapuna Street
Honolulu, Hawaii 96819
Attention: Joy Kitamori 834-0007 extension 1748


________________________________ (Copyright holder) hereby grants to 'Olelo: The Corporation for Community Television the non-exclusive (or exclusive) right to record or transmit any and all materials or music/recordings in which I hold copyright for, including the following (attach additional sheets if necessary):

Music Title Performer

(1) ___________________________________ ______________________

(2) ___________________________________ ______________________

(3) ___________________________________ ______________________

(4) ___________________________________ ______________________

(5) ___________________________________ ______________________

(6) ___________________________________ ______________________

(7) ___________________________________ ______________________

(8) ___________________________________ ______________________

(9) ___________________________________ ______________________

(10) ___________________________________ _____________________

Permission is hereby given for any and all portions of the above reference music/recordings to be transmitted on a non-commercial cable access channel and to support the Music-On-Hold feature on the corporation's telephone voice mail system without further clearance from me for the period of _____________________.

The undersigned warrants that the above referenced music and its copyrights belong exclusively to him/her/them, that he/she know of no disputes or encumbrances affecting his/her/their ownership, and that he/she/they has/have the right and authority to make this agreement and believe it to be enforceable.

Copyright holder shall indemnify and hold harmless the State of Hawaii, Oceanic Cablevision, Inc., Chronicle Cablevision of Hawaii, 'Olelo: The Corporation for Community Television and their agents, employees and representatives from any and all liability and injury (including reasonable fees and costs incurred in defending claims) arising from, or in connection with: claims for failure to comply with any applicable laws, rules, regulations or other requirements of local, state or federal authorities; the infringement of common law or statutory copyright, including master, synchronization and performance rights; or breach of contractual or other obligations owing to third parties by the copyright holder (including union residuals, recording rights or other payments for any purposes whatsoever), due to the utilization of 'Olelo's transmission services.

Name (please print) ___________________________ (Copyright holder)

Signature ______________________________________ (Copyright holder)

Date ________________



Music Title Performer TRT

(1) _________________________________________________________ __________

(2) _________________________________________________________ __________

(3) _________________________________________________________ __________

(4) _________________________________________________________ __________

(5) _________________________________________________________ __________

(6) _________________________________________________________ __________

(7) _________________________________________________________ __________

(8) _________________________________________________________ __________

(9) _________________________________________________________ __________

(10) ________________________________________________________ __________

(11) ________________________________________________________ __________

(12) ________________________________________________________ __________

(13) ________________________________________________________ __________

(14) ________________________________________________________ __________

(15) ________________________________________________________ __________

Submitted by __________________________________________________

Phone number (day) __________________________ (eve) __________________________