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Please be as concise as possible. We will make every effort to follow your submission; however, it may

be necessary to edit your entry for length. Please fill out the form completely. Use of Hawaiian diacritical

notations (macrons [ ] and glottals [ ]) are encouraged.

Organization name _______________________________________________________________

Street Address_________________________________________________

Mailing Address _______________________________________________

City/State/Zip ________________________________________________

Name of submitter __________________________________ Phone number___________________

Name of organization head, title _______________________________________________

Description of organization: Non-profit For-profit

Human service Health related

Educational Arts & Humanities

Government-related Other____________________________

Event/Service type ______________________________________________________

(example: exhibit, lecture, seminar, meeting, course)

Event name ____________________________________________________

Short description _____________________________________________

Date of event (month/date/day)__________________ Time of event (a.m./p.m.) ________________

Location of event _____________________________________________

Check one: Free Admission

(note: specific admission fees are not posted on Island Info)

Contact number if different from above _______________________________

(note: this number will be listed on the notice for public inquiries)

Graphic name: ______________________________________

Available graphics are listed on the back of the first sheet. Write graphic name such as Fish or Family.

NOTE: Graphics take up space on-screen and can be used only with short listings.

Send this form to:

Olelo: The Corporation for Community Television

1122 Mapunapuna Street

Honolulu, HI 96819

Or fax to: 836-2546

For more information call: 834-0007 x 134 or x 132